Finance & Accounting

A well maintained record of a company’s finances, can help a business manage their financial future.

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Finance & Accounting

A well maintained record of a company’s finances, can help a business manage their financial future.

Outsource your accounting activities in the hands of industry professionals who do a quality job, again and again, cost-effectively with no disruption, and you focus on your core activity.

Employee payroll structuring, processing, leave management, provident fund, professional tax, employee state insurance and other employee-related processing and compliance services.

CFO Angle provides GST monthly calculation, reconciliation, documentation, return preparation and filing. You can outsource the most technical part of your business which is taxation to us, and we take care of the rest.

Employee and vendor tax deduction at specific rates with reconciliation, deduction, tax preparation and quarterly and annual filing, including the issue of certificates.

CFO Angle not only help to calculate advance taxes but also and help to deposit the taxes, do to annual tax preparation, audit and filing.

Experience CFO experienced, with business knowledge professionals who can not only help to build a strategy for the business but also helps to bring right numbers, do budgeting, understand business exposures, do fund flow planning and allow the company to scale to different levels.  

Our audit services include helping companies to be audit-ready, finalization of books and completion of financial statement as per auditor requirement and then work with the auditor to close the audits.

Outsourcing is cost-effective for companies as they don’t have to hire multiple resources to manage various complexities, and they can effectively do this by monitoring efficiencies with defined service level agreements with the outsourcing companies.  A complete finance outsourcing to one specific process, like Invoice and Payment processing under the P2P process.

Foreign subsidiaries and Indian companies dealing in foreign exchange have to go through tough times if the understanding of RBI is limited. With CFO Angle, you have experts who manage this seamlessly.

CFO Angle can provide Financial Reporting, and MIS of  international standard with the team exposed to foreign clients and have worked in foreign companies before starting consulting.

The CFO Angle team is managing clients from various countries like UK, Singapore, US, Israel and Australia for their taxation requirements.  In the past, some of the team members have exposed themselves to international taxation.

Company Capabilities

CFO Angle provides specialized services in the areas of Business Finance, Banking, Legal and Insurance. We not only deliver high quality services, but also do it with utmost sensitivity to client’s constraints.

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