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Consolidating The Company Into One Accounting

Customers often don’t change the process and continue with the existing setup without understanding whether it works for them or against them. Our client, Cessna, one of the fastest-growing Veterinary Hospital chains, had a similar issue.

How CFO Angle Saved Major Income Tax Outflows for a Client

At CFO Angle, we help businesses grow and do tax planning that saves taxes in the short and long term.

Timely Completion of Audit & Accounting

Our client, a remarkable success story, was rapidly expanding with multiple branches, led by some of the industry’s best Founders. However, they faced a series of challenges due to a lack of information and support in their compliance processes.

Project Costing and Profitability

At The Karighars, the dream is to understand project profitability at a granular level. In December 2022, the visionary leader Abhishek Chaddha shared his ambitious goal of achieving a 100 Cr turnover for his company within the next two years. To realise this vision, he sought our support in maintaining overall profitability and ensuring a constant check from project onboarding to the final deliverables

Business And Finance Visibility, Thereby Improving Margins

Generating MIS by closing monthly books and accounts and reconciling bank expenses, sales, purchases, inventory, GST, and TDS reconciliation is essential for developing a monthly Profit and Balance Sheet report.


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