Exchange-Traded Fund, Popularly Known As ETF


What is ETF An exchange-traded fund (ETF) is an investment fund that tracks the performance of an underlying index or asset and can be bought and sold throughout the day on stock exchanges. ETFs are similar to mutual funds in that they offer investors access to a diversified portfolio of securities but with the added […]

Understanding Dividend Distribution Tax

Dividend Distribution Tax

Dividend Distribution Tax (DDT) is a tax levied by the Indian government on dividends, which a company pays its shareholders out of its profits. It is a form of tax paid by the company distributing the dividend, not by the shareholder receiving it. DDT is levied at a fixed rate, currently set at 15% (plus […]

Introduction to Minimum Alternate Tax (MAT)

Minimum Alternate Tax

Minimum Alternate Tax (MAT) is a tax mechanism introduced by the Indian Income Tax Act to ensure that companies paying minimal or no income tax through legal tax exemptions and incentives pay a certain minimum amount of tax to the government. The rationale behind MAT is to bring tax equity, ensuring profitable companies cannot entirely […]

Learn Everything About Banking Regulation Act 1949

Banking Regulation Act 1949

Banking Regulation Act 1949, including specific details like Section 35A and a reference to the Bare Act: Banking Regulation Act 1949  The Banking Regulation Act of 1949 stands as a cornerstone in the banking regulation framework in India, enacted to oversee and streamline the operations of banking institutions within the country. Introduced on March 10, […]

A Deep Dive into the Strategies and Benefits of Taxes Saved by Businesses

Taxes Saved

Saving on taxes or understanding tax-saving tips is a crucial aspect of managing business finances effectively. A common question often arises about how to save ta in a private limited company in India. Can we do something legally so that taxes are saved? Some tax planning tips can be implemented in today’s business life to […]

Income Tax E-Filing – The Complete Guide to Income Tax Filing

Income Tax

Streamlining Your Tax Affairs: The Complete Guide to Income Tax E-Filing In an era driven by digitalisation, the filing of income tax returns has substantially transformed. The traditional method of physically filling out tax forms and standing in queues has gradually given way to electronic filing, or e-filing, as it’s commonly known. E-filing offers a […]

Tax Consultancy

Tax consultancy

What is the role of a Tax Consultant? The Chartered Accountants, Income Tax practitioners and Accountants do tax consultancy in India. The widely used are Chartered Accountants. Tax consultants help companies, LLPs, and individuals save taxes in the best way. A good tax consultant must have a degree in accounting and taxation with experience working […]

Tax collected at source on the sale of goods


Tax deductions at source, primarily called as TDS (Withholding Tax in some countries), are collected for making the payment of services. Likewise, Tax collected at sources (TCS) is a significant method employed by the tax authorities to gather taxes on the sales of certain goods. The government ensures all sellers collect TCS at the point […]