Ideal Time to Transition from Employment to Entrepreneurship?


Only passion and energy can drive to begin, and age has nothing to do. I want to take you through some of my experiences:

Mid age crises

If you keep doing similar work for 15 to 20 years, and it is only a company change, the job becomes mundane and boring. For the sake of money, societal pressure, parents, and family always hold you to take desired life steps. I call it a mid-age crisis.

Limited independence when working with companies

You are a person who innovates, refines, and develops, but your company doesn’t encourage this due to internal reasons. New initiatives cannot be implemented fast, and that frustrates no independence.

You can’t change your boss but can only change your job.

Work credit was not received, there was no promotion, salary increments were low, favouritism was present, and vertical growth was stagnant; you don’t like your boss for many reasons. I have faced it many times, and my reason for leaving. So, ask this question: how can I be my boss instead of looking for a new boss who would change my life?

No growth or no challenges left in life

There is always no space on the top of the pyramid, so what next? Questions haunted me many times with the insecurity I had sleepless nights. I decided to overcome this anxiety and fear of losing my job and started on my own.

Always passionate about doing something on our own

I always felt there was suffocation in the job that I was doing. Something always bothers me regarding my work quality and how it would help me in the future. Hard work vs. rewards was missing from the job. So, I quit and started on my own.

Finding the right opportunity

It is not easy to find the right opportunity that gives you success. I started with something that came naturally to me and started building services around that. It helped me with revenue coming from multiple sources. Over a period, it will take you in the direction you like the most. So start from somewhere.

Ability to take risk

I took the risk of leaving my job that there is no Uturn, and I must succeed. I took the risk of liquidating my assets that have liability so that I have less or no pressure to earn money. I had limited cash in the bank, but after a certain point with my vintage and continuous efforts, things started rolling, and good business started ticking. It works!

Life has a meaning and keeps throwing up reasons to start afresh.

There is no reason you will not succeed. If you have tried, mind it; things will start working in your favour, but the only condition is your stickiness, efforts, patience, hard work. It helps.

Keep reasonable efforts to take baby steps, but start at one shot with no UTurn, and then it will work. Do reach out to me for any support.

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