Shaping Success: The Influence of My Life Mentors


We all have mentors who keep teaching us the good, bad, and ugly during our lifetime. We don’t have to find mentors on Google; it is there around us; we have to identify and give them importance for what they are. In this article, I will share how some of my mentors impacted my life from time to time.

My first mentor was “The Parents.”

Each kid is different, and so am I. I have always been independent, flamboyant, aggressive, confident, lively, and naughty. My parents have never tried controlling this habit by saying don’t do this, and essentially, they left me alone. A good part of that was to date, I make my own decisions and never regret what I do, and the bad part is that I don’t like critics.

I got failed in 9th Standard.

My second mentor came when I failed the ninth class. I had a recent shift of school and was a backbencher, did all wrong things, including smoking, chewing tobacco, and whatnot; bad habits lead to failure and then school change. So, my next mentor was my decision to not sit in the last row and always be in the front.

My father, my mentor again

We are a middle-class family and cannot afford such failure. You have to succeed, or else I can open a tea shop, and you have to earn a livelihood with that. A good life, money, wife, and other reputation would be based on what you earn. Some of these golden words have never left me to date.

My mentor laid my foundation in Accounting.

My failure made me think and decide that if I didn’t get all this, life would be difficult, so I started focusing on my studies, leading to my joining my first education mentor. He laid my accounting foundation by teaching the golden principles without looking back. Secured marits in two board exams after that.

Life became my mentor due to the past.

Had fights with the class teacher and principal for not sitting at the back and choosing to sit on the ground. Stand firm in learning and slowly develop principles to continue for the rest of my life so I do not get let down again.

Friends, my teenage mentors

I believed that a friend in need is a friend indeed, and I always felt like there would be someone in life who would ring the bell, and I would be friends with him always. I got one in 10th, and he is still a lifelong friend. We have been together for 36 years now. He has always taught me to keep smiling and laughing even when you have the worst situation, and time will overcome everything.

At the start of my entrepreneurship journey, talking to him daily will energise me to do something new. I have seen him selling medicine and bedsheets, doing small projects, brokering insurance, and becoming one of the most significant mutual fund advisors.

Life has been a rollercoaster for him, but his laugh has increased then coming down. We learn from these mentors.

The idea of starting this series is to consolidate some life lessons to help us improve and see life’s positive side.



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