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Saved Major Income Tax Outflows

How CFO Angle Saved Major Income Tax Outflows for a Client

At CFO Angle, we help businesses grow and do tax planning that saves taxes in the short and long term.

Our esteemed client, Cessna Veterinary Hospitals Private Limited, was a proprietor firm with a commendable business and a robust bottom line. Despite this, they were burdened with a 39% profit tax. However, with our strategic tax planning, we streamlined their business to save interest on timely tax payments and lowered their tax rate to a promising 25.16% within a year. Thus dropping the tax take by 14%

We structured their organisation so that the average tax rate for the company was brought down drastically. With the double-digit bottom line growth, their tax cash outflow is still in the range of 2020.

Our team of tax and compliance experts has an in-depth understanding of business issues and the ability to make strategic structural changes, which is the backbone of our success. They are committed to ensuring long-term sustainable growth for our clients

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