Your strengths and how to leverage in business


I remember the famous epic Ramayan, where Lord Ram, Hanuman, and the Vanar Sena searched for Maa Sita. Eventually, they reached the South Eastern coast and found Jamwant. He informed them that Ravan had taken Maa Sita to Lanka. While attempting to reach there, Jamwant helped Hanuman rediscover his powers and taught him how to fly and find Maa Sita in Lanka. The rest, as they say, is history.

So why reference this epic? Our strengths resemble Hanuman’s powers- we often only use some of them, so we must develop them to their full potential. However, most of us have managed to navigate complex situations throughout our professional lives, even if we didn’t realise it then.

Utilizing your present experience: In my previous job, I managed a multi-country project that helped me develop skills to work with global clients such as LEGO. This experience gave me the confidence to manage international clients, and I have a few of them today.

Network is Networth: Networking is crucial to business success. Keep your contacts informed without expecting immediate returns. It’s a slow process, but building a solid network pays off in the long run. Two of my largest customers came through my past network after 2 years of consulting. Remember, “network is net worth”.

Leveraging CXO Capabilities: When working at a high level in a large organisation, you gain insight into the business needs. This knowledge can be applied to consulting or product-based businesses.

Confidence, integrity, and trust: A traditional consultant takes longer to establish trust with clients, but our extensive corporate experience is ingrained into our culture.

New Technology Exposure: The latest software and processes are readily available during our corporate life, which allows us to offer our clients immediate business solutions. Therefore, take advantage of this as you enter the market.

Managing Large Volumes: The USP of managing large transaction volumes in India and globally can be effectively utilised to generate business and deliver in consulting.

Working under pressure: Meeting deadlines and working under pressure is essential for job success and can be leveraged for quick business success. Customers appreciate committed individuals.

Commitment vs Delivery: As we learn in our job, it’s better to commit if you can deliver. It instantly builds credibility with the customer.

Discover and leverage your internal strengths to build a solid business patiently.



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