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Foreign Outsourcing

Outsourcing Background:

Covid pandemic has hit companies hard with the profits because of the drop in sales and rising costs, and for some companies, business survival is in the question. In tough times, it is essential to explore the options of cost reduction with better quality.

Outsourcing technical and non-technical activities to low cost but intelligent and educated countries is a trend for many years. India always has at the forefront for:

  • Accounts Outsourcing
  • Business Process Outsourcing,
  • Knowledge Process Outsourcing and Hiring IT, Data Scientist, Cyber Security Experts, AI/ML experts on temporary and permanent roles

CFO Angle is a leading Outsourcing company helping to bring considerable scale benefits to organizations looking to such solutions. Situated in the IT capital of India, Bengaluru the company is doing Outsourcing of Accounts, Payroll, Taxation, Temporary/Permanent staffing and helping clients from the US, Singapore, Australia, Israel and UK.

Let us get into a call for a capability discussion for the above solution, and we demonstrate how we can help to bring down the cost substantially.

What is Outsourcing:

Outsourcing is an activity done in low-cost English speaking and intellectual professionals quality country to get similar outputs consistently with the use of Technology. .

An accounting firm like CFO Angle can be a great partner to small and mid-size CPA firms and to direct clients to bring down the processing cost of Bookkeeping, Accounting, and Tax substantially. Our team currently works on accounting software like Oracle, SAP HANA, Workday, Navision, QuickBooks & Zoho. CFO Angle can do this by dedicating high-quality headcount having accounting and tax knowledge.

Benefits to the Client

  • Reduced cost by almost 50%
  • Time arbitrage and when you share the info and come back the next day it is delivered.
  • Scalability of operation with outsourcing company increase and decrease headcounts as per the process
  • Plug and Play setup and no need for investing in Technology and Infrastructure
  • Small to multiple processes can be outsourced.
  • A highly specialized team is dedicated to each client to process monthly work
  • Deployment of Automation capabilities as the process grows.
  • We customized reporting formats as per customer needs.

Type of Outsourcing:

Accounts Outsourcing is specific to Accounting and Bookkeeping activities of the business, including monthly consolidation..
Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) service is where company contract the operations and responsibilities for a particular business process to a third-party service provider. Some of the prominent process outsourced are Credit Collection, Accounts Payable, Order to Cash and Record to Report.
Knowledge process outsourcing (KPO) describes the outsourcing of core information-related business activities which are a competitively significant part of a company’s value chain. KPO requires advanced analytical and technical skills as well as a high degree of specialist expertise Hiring IT, Data Scientist, Cyber Security Experts, AI/ML experts on temporary and permanent roles.

CFO Angle Capabilities:

We in CFO Angle currently managing the outsourcing of Accounting, Bookkeeping, Payroll for Australia, Singapore and USA companies. Outsourcing is from the direct client as well from CPA firms who want low-cost processing.

CFO Angle partners have worked internationally, and in foreign companies on business and outsourcing projects, this gives them an edge over other companies because of core domain experience of outsourcing and business. Our partners know about working in multiple software both in the capacity of implementation and functionalities.

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