Private Equity Explained With Examples and Ways to Invest

Private Equity

Introduction to Private Equity (PE) and Venture Capital (VC)  Private Equity (PE) and Venture Capital (VC) are investment funds that play a crucial role in the financial world. PE funds invest in private companies or conduct buyouts of public companies, aiming for significant control or ownership to influence their direction and growth. Venture Capital targets […]

Income Tax E-Filing – The Complete Guide to Income Tax Filing

Income Tax

Streamlining Your Tax Affairs: The Complete Guide to Income Tax E-Filing In an era driven by digitalisation, the filing of income tax returns has substantially transformed. The traditional method of physically filling out tax forms and standing in queues has gradually given way to electronic filing, or e-filing, as it’s commonly known. E-filing offers a […]

Explained: ESI Calculation, ESI Contribution & Application

ESI Calculations

Let’s understand Employee State Insurance (ESI) Contribution The Employee State Insurance (ESI) Act came into force in 1948 to ensure financial protection for employees and their families against unforeseen medical eventualities. The Employee State Insurance Corporation administers the act under the Ministry of Labour department. Why ESI Contribution: ESI is applicable when the minimum count […]

The Myth Around Tax Audit

Tax Audit

Let’s decode and simplify some common misconceptions about tax audits by CFO angle. What is a Tax Audit? The audit conducted by the qualified CA passed under the ICAI Act for the taxpayer’s books of account in pursuance of the requirement of section 44AB is called a Tax Audit. During the Tax Audit, the CA […]

An Introduction to Bookkeeping Service

Introduction A lot of planning and investment goes into a business before it is started. And there are a lot of important functions and operations that a business has to carry out efficiently and consistently to create a profitable revenue. One such key operation is the age-old profession of bookkeeping. This blog will help you […]