The Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code

Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code

What is the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code The Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code (IBC) 2016 is a comprehensive legal framework introduced by the Indian government. The IBC aims to promptly consolidate and amend the reorganisation and insolvency resolution laws of corporate entities, partnership firms, and individuals. The primary objective of the IBC is to maximise the […]

Guide to SEBI Registered Investment Advisors

Investment Advisors

Meaning Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs) provide personalised financial services to both retail and institutional investors. They offer financial planning, investment advice, and asset allocation based on an in-depth analysis of the client’s financial situation. RIAs cater to different types of investors and tailor their advice accordingly. The language used in their communication is simple and […]

Your strengths and how to leverage in business


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Learn Everything About Banking Regulation Act 1949

Banking Regulation Act 1949

Banking Regulation Act 1949, including specific details like Section 35A and a reference to the Bare Act: Banking Regulation Act 1949  The Banking Regulation Act of 1949 stands as a cornerstone in the banking regulation framework in India, enacted to oversee and streamline the operations of banking institutions within the country. Introduced on March 10, […]