What do start-ups do to be investor ready?

Structure your equity shareholding Most of the times start-ups do what they are supposed to do, that is to source funds from friends and relatives at cheap cost. And the best way is to commit a certain % of equity from their holdings. But in the hurry of getting funds to sustain the business, start-up […]

Valuation of shares

Why a start-up needs a valuation? In the simple terms, valuation decides the Fair Market Value (FMV) of the equity shares at which the company offers to sell their equity to prospective investors. FMV is the current market value at which the investor is ready to buy the shares.  Book value of the shares is […]


What is Crowd Funding? Crowdfunding is the option where the fund is raised from a large number of people in small amounts especially using the internet.  A project report is prepared and it is demonstrated on the internet and a request is raised to the communities to support for the funding.  In India, Crowd Funding […]

Why You Should Choose To Outsource Your Accounting?

What is Outsourcing? The business consists of functions like Sales, Marketing, Finance, Compliance, Accounting, and Customer Service.  Activities related to business where the business growth is directly lined are called core activities and others are non-core. Core activities are: Sales: Purchase and sales of goods and services Marketing:  Branding and marketing of products and services […]

The Procedure For Recovery Of Customer’s Outstanding

Sales is always an integral part of the business because when there is sale there is business and growth.  Many times in the enthusiasm of selling to customer business end up blocking funds by not performing the right collection process. Customer takes advantage of our weaknesses and keeps blocking the money with no timeframe to […]

Income tax filing – Why it is so important?

Burning Question? Are you looking to go abroad and applying for VISA then ensure? Are you planning to take a loan for the house or car in the near future then? An individual / Salaries taxpayer without any tax audit has to file annual income tax returns without penalties before 31st July 2019. Common Myth’s […]

An Introduction to Tax Advisory Service

Introduction  Taxes are mandatory and an integral part of every business’ finance out there. Taxes payable vary from business to business depending on niche, size, and type of business. But more often than not, this entire process becomes rather tiring, as taxation is a long and onerous process. Hence, businesses these days outsource tax accounting […]

An Introduction to Bookkeeping Service

Introduction A lot of planning and investment goes into a business before it is started. And there are a lot of important functions and operations that a business has to carry out efficiently and consistently to create a profitable revenue. One such key operation is the age-old profession of bookkeeping. This blog will help you […]