Consolidating the company into one accounting


Consolidating The Company Into One Accounting

Customers often don’t change the process and continue with the existing setup without understanding whether it works for them or against them. Our client, Cessna, one of the fastest-growing Veterinary Hospital chains, had a similar issue.

Recognising the need for change, Cessna’s dynamic team sought better support from their previous CA and Finance team. At this crucial juncture, the  CFO Angle Team, recommended by their former CA, stepped in. We played a pivotal role in restructuring their operations, consolidating their accounting software, and implementing a more efficient cost and profit centre structure. The results were tangible, with the list of open items significantly reduced. 

  • Consolidate accounting to ensure monthly MIS for checking the location and company profits.
  • Trends to do predictive analysis and decision-making making
  • Ensuring all business documents and data are checked, stored and kept in one place to use in the need
  • Timely filing of TDS, Income Tax and GST compliances
  • Bringing down the tax structure to bring straight savings
  • Bringing down the interest of taxes
  • Publishing Correct and consistent profitability month-of-month
  • Helping address past issues on GST, Income tax and TDS
  • Timely response to notices received. 

CFO Angle Capabilities:

CFO Angle is the need of the hour for small and midsize organisations that cannot afford to hire a dedicated finance and CFO team but still get similar benefits and reap the benefits of growing business in a controlled environment.

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